Third Meeting of the Scientific Committee

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, March 20, 2018 to Saturday, March 24, 2018
Meeting Type: 
Scientific Committee Meeting
Saint-Denis, La Reunion
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Meeting documents: 
PDF icon SC-03-01 Meeting Notice.pdf234.04 KB
Office spreadsheet icon SC-03-01 A. Participants Registration Form.xls29.5 KB
File SC-03-01 B. Template for Submission of Papers.docx23.39 KB
PDF icon SC-03-01 C. Guidelines for submission of national reports (fig1 updated).pdf388.63 KB
PDF icon SC-03-01 D. List of Hotels.pdf275.19 KB
PDF icon SC-03-02 Provisional Agenda.pdf158.16 KB
PDF icon SC-03-02 Provisional Agenda Rev1.pdf179.79 KB
PDF icon SC-03-02 (01) Provisional Agenda Rev2.pdf181.06 KB
PDF icon SC-03-02 (01) Provisional Agenda Rev3.pdf184.86 KB
PDF icon SC-03-02 (02) Provisional Agenda for the Heads of Delegation meeting.pdf116.08 KB
PDF icon SC-03-02 (03) List of Meeting documents.pdf133.03 KB
PDF icon SC-03-02 (04) Table of agenda items and related papers.pdf156.86 KB
PDF icon SC-03-02 (05) Scientific Committee Terms of Reference.pdf78.91 KB
PDF icon SC-03-02 (06) List of Meeting Participants.pdf147.39 KB
PDF icon SC-03-03(01) Annual National Report - Cook Islands 2017.pdf564.98 KB
PDF icon SC-03-03(02) Annual National Report - Japan.pdf414.7 KB
PDF icon SC-03-03(03) Annual National Report - Thailand.pdf2.17 MB
PDF icon SC-03-03(04) Annual National Report - Australia.pdf1.55 MB
PDF icon SC-03-03(05) Annual National Report - EU.pdf1.17 MB
PDF icon SC-03-03(06) Annual National Report - French Territory.pdf1.13 MB
PDF icon SC-03-03(07) Annual National Report - Korea.pdf677.35 KB
PDF icon SC-03-05.2(01) National Observer Program - Thailand.pdf2.55 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06(01) Proposal to create a permanent group for Ecosystem .pdf784.6 KB
PDF icon SC-03-06(02) New data acquisition protocol for benthos bycatch in FR Fisheries.pdf2.14 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.2(01) BFIA - Japan bottom trawl.pdf328.35 KB
PDF icon SC-03-06.2(02) BFIA - Japan midwater trawl.pdf366.49 KB
PDF icon SC-03-06.2(03) BFIA - Japan bottom longline.pdf292.91 KB
PDF icon SC-03-06.2(04) BFIA - Cook Islands.pdf3.92 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.2(05) Vessel Seabird Management Plan (VSMP) - Cook Islands.pdf2.55 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.2(06) BFIA - Thailand.pdf4.05 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.2(07) BFIA - Australia.pdf3.35 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.2(08) BFIA Review - Australia.pdf1.64 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.2(09)Rev1 BFIA - EU.pdf1.85 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.2(10) BFIA - French Territory.pdf1.6 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.3(01)-Protected-areas-protocol-review.pdf1.04 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.3.2(01) Proposal-EAST-BROKEN-RIDGE.pdf1.21 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.3.2(02)-Proposal-ATLANTIS.pdf980.15 KB
PDF icon SC-03-06.3.2(03) Proposal-BANANA.pdf890.26 KB
PDF icon SC-03-06.3.2(04) Proposal-BRIDLE.pdf1.01 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.3.2(05) Proposal-CORAL.pdf1.23 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.3.2(06) Proposal-DEL-CANO-RISE.pdf1.01 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.3.2(07) Proposal-FOOLS-FLAT.pdf1.13 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.3.2(08) Proposal-GULDEN-DRAAK.pdf1.25 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.3.2(09) Proposal-MID-INDIAN-RIDGE.pdf976.78 KB
PDF icon SC-03-06.3.2(10) Proposal-MIDDLE-OF-WHAT (MOW).pdf1.11 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.3.2(11) Proposal-RUSKY-KNOLL.pdf1.03 MB
PDF icon SC-03-06.3.2(12) Proposal-WALTERS-SHOAL.pdf1.02 MB
PDF icon SC-03-07(01) Proposed framework for low-information ERA.pdf1.13 MB
PDF icon SC-03-07.1.1(01) OR biomass estimation in SIOFA - acoustic data. CISRO, 2018.pdf1.1 MB
PDF icon SC-03-07.1.1(02) Review of SIOFA OR acoustic data. CISRO, 2018.pdf4.77 MB
PDF icon SC-03-07.1.1(03) SAWG1 Meeting Report.pdf1.13 MB
PDF icon SC-03-07.1.1(04) Stock assessment of orange roughy Walter's Shoal. Cordue, 2018.pdf1.53 MB
PDF icon SC-03-07.1.1(04) Rev1 Stock assessment of orange roughy Walter's Shoal. Cordue, 2018.pdf1.54 MB
PDF icon SC-03-07.1.1(05) Assessment of orange roughy stocks SIOFA Areas 1, 2, 3a and 3b. Cordue, 2018.pdf157.97 KB
PDF icon SC-03-07.1.1(05)Rev1 Assessment of orange roughy stocks SIOFA Areas 1, 2, 3a and 3b. Cordue, 2018.pdf308.2 KB
PDF icon SC-03-07.2.1(01) Chondrichthyans-risk-assesment.pdf1.16 MB
PDF icon SC-03-10.4(01) MoU SIOFA-ACAP.pdf818.21 KB
PDF icon SC-03-12 (01) Draft CMM of Fishing Research.pdf247.74 KB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-01 Rev1 MoU for SWIO Coastal State Scientific Observers.pdf768.91 KB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-02 Resource Management Alfonsino and HCR. R. Shotton, 2018.pdf682.52 KB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-03 Treatment of Zero Catches in CPUE Analysis. R. Shotton, 2018.pdf491.13 KB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-04 Considerations on the purpose of BPAs in the SIOFA. R. Shotton, 2018.pdf1.04 MB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-05 ERAWG-Hobart-meeting-summary.pdf810.67 KB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-06 Protected areas steering committee meeting summary.pdf904.4 KB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-07 Report on SEAFO SC Meeting 2017.pdf826.53 KB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-08 Converted to SC-03-07.1.1(4)1.53 MB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-08 Converted to SC-03-07.1.1(5)157.97 KB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-10 Assessment of orange roughy stocks SIOFA Areas 1, 2, 3a and 3b. PRESENTATION.pdf114.23 KB
File SC-03-INFO-11 (Rev_1) Summary of historical orange roughy catch (Mar 6 2018)_.xlsx229.39 KB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-12-Sensitivity Analyses supporting ERA for Deepwater Chondrichthyans in the SIO.pdf251.39 KB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-13 Stock assessment of orange roughy Walter's Shoal PRESENTATION .pdf360.13 KB
File SC-03-INFO-14 Comoros status of fishing activity - historic catches within EEZ.xlsx17.7 KB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-15 Historical catch by China on orange roughy in SIOFA Area.pdf635.34 KB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-16 SIOFA_SWIOFC Collaboration - A Concept Note.pdf221.91 KB
PDF icon SC-03-INFO-17 National Report (China).pdf984.97 KB
PDF icon Hotel Saint-Denis CLOSURE NOTICE.pdf258.07 KB
PDF icon Presentation on Encounter protocol (Nishida).pdf923.07 KB