Fifth Meeting of the Parties

Meeting Date: 
Monday, June 25, 2018 to Friday, June 29, 2018
Meeting Type: 
Meeting of the Parties
Meeting Photo: 
PDF icon MoP5 Report FINAL.pdf7.25 MB
Meeting documents: 
PDF icon SIOFA CC2 and MoP5 Meeting Notice.pdf1.58 MB
File MoP5 Participants Registration Form.xlsx17.2 KB
File Template for MoP Meeting Papers.docx23.05 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc01 Rev3 Provisional Agenda.pdf161.21 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc01 Rev4 Agenda.pdf161.01 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc02 Rev1 Provisional HoD Agenda.pdf97.73 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc03 List of Documents.pdf152.54 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc04 Table of agenda items and related papers.pdf161.52 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc05 Rules of Procedure of Meeting of the Parties.pdf923.77 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc06 Participants List..pdf54.88 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc07 France Territoires proposal on definition for 'new fisheries' (Submitted 25-05-2018) 1.13 MB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc09 SARPC request for SIOFA Observer Status (Submitted 05-04-2018)1.58 MB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc10 IOC Request for SIOFA observer status (Submitted 23-04-2018)1.12 MB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc11 SIOFA Financial Report & External Auditor Report 2018_reduced (Submitted 01-06-2018)1.78 MB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc12 Deadlines for proposal submissions for CC and MoP Meetings (Submitted 05-06-2018)198.83 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc13 Classification of CC and MoP Meeing documents (Submitted 05-06-2018)202.63 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc14 Draft SIOFA 2019 Budget (Submitted 20-04-2018)1.02 MB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc14 Rev1 Draft SIOFA 2019 budget.pdf819.53 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc15 Secretariat Report on Financial Resources .pdf776.27 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc16 Secretariat report on staff resources and secretariat activities.pdf776.52 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc17 Summary of reports provided to the Secretariat 854.54 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Doc18 - Third Meeting of the SIOFA Scientific Committee PPT presentation.pdf891.6 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Prop1 Cook Islands proposal for OR Biological Reference Points and HCR (Submitted 10-05-2018)518.99 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Prop13 Arrangement between SIOFA and CCAMLR (Submitted 25-05-2018)190.17 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Prop 14 MoU between SIOFA and ACAP (Submitted 25-05-2018)274.06 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Prop 14 Rev1 MoU between SIOFA and ACAP (Revised 12-06-2018)911.58 KB
PDF icon MoP5-Prop15 SIOFA and SWIOFC Collaboration - A concept note (Submitted 25-05-2018)808.13 KB
PDF icon MoP5-INFO-01 Rev1 Status of the Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement.pdf1.1 MB
PDF icon MoP5-INFO-02 Information paper related to CMS Proposal (MoP5-Prop04).pdf227.19 KB
PDF icon Report of the Third Meeting of the SIOFA Scientific Committee.pdf3.27 MB
PDF icon MoP5 Report FINAL (minus annexes).pdf358.09 KB