Fourth Meeting of the Parties

Meeting Date: 
Monday, June 26, 2017 to Friday, June 30, 2017
Meeting Type: 
Meeting of the Parties

Meeting of the Parties, June 2017, Mauritius

Meeting Photo: 
PDF icon MoP4 Report FINAL.pdf3.43 MB
Meeting documents: 
PDF icon MoP-04-01 Meeting Notice.pdf509.22 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-02 Provisional Agenda.pdf484.32 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-02 Provisional Agenda Rev1.pdf492.52 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-07 SIOFA Rules of Procedure.pdf1.18 MB
PDF icon MoP-04-08 Draft Arrangement between SIOFA and CCAMLR (ES).pdf848.1 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-09 Technical edits to CMMs (All 5 CMMs 88 pages) (AUS).pdf1.48 MB
PDF icon MoP-04-10 Development of a CMS - Discussion paper (AUS).pdf1.15 MB
PDF icon MoP-04-11 Report from the Secretariat.pdf217.22 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-12 Adoption of a SIOFA Logo.pdf4.19 MB
PDF icon MoP-04-13 Vessel Catch, Effort and Scientific Data - A summary of reports to the Secretariat.pdf248.08 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-14 Transparency and Distribution of Meeting Documents.pdf713.02 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-15 Report of the Second meeting of the SIOFA Scientific Committee.pdf1.06 MB
PDF icon MoP-04-INFO-01 Rev1 Status of the Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement.pdf859.97 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-INFO-03 Summary of SIOFA Reporting Obligations.pdf546.59 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-INFO-08 Squid Capture in NW Indian Ocean - unregulated fishing on the high seas.pdf1.97 MB
PDF icon MoP-04-04 List of Meeting documents Rev3.pdf348.36 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-05 Table of agenda items and related papers Rev2.pdf475.62 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-06 Participants List Rev4.pdf40.25 KB
PDF icon CC1 Meeting Report ADOPTED.pdf1.47 MB
PDF icon MoP-04-08 Rev1 Draft Arrangement between SIOFA and CCAMLR (ES).pdf744.48 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-INFO-02 Australia - Report on Implementation of SIOFA CMMs.pdf1.29 MB
PDF icon MoP-04-INFO-04 EU - Report on Implementation of SIOFA CMMs.pdf174.76 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-INFO-05 France (Territoires) - Report on Implementation of SIOFA CMMs.pdf620.07 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-INFO-06 Korea - Report on Implementation of SIOFA CMMs.pdf1.02 MB
PDF icon MoP-04-INFO-07 Japan - Report on Implementation of CMM 2016_01.pdf174.03 KB
PDF icon MoP-04-INFO-09 Cooks - Report on Implementation of SIOFA CMMs.pdf1.09 MB
PDF icon MoP-04-09 CMMs 2016 01-05 adopted.pdf521.51 KB
PDF icon CMM - Authorised Vessels_adopted 2017 06 30.pdf571.32 KB
PDF icon CMM - Control_adopted 2017 06 30.pdf166.23 KB
PDF icon CMM - Data Confidentiality_adopted 2017 06 30.pdf761.01 KB
PDF icon CMM - Data Standards 2017 06 30.pdf904.71 KB
PDF icon CMM - Gillnets_adopted 2017 06 30.pdf930.39 KB
PDF icon CMM - Interim Measures on Bottom Fishing_adopted 2017 06 30.pdf573.01 KB
PDF icon CMM - Monitoring_adopted 2017 06 30.pdf501.24 KB
PDF icon CMM - Port Inspection_adopted 2017 06 30.pdf202.58 KB
PDF icon CMM - Vessels without Nationality_adopted 2017 06 30.pdf743.15 KB
PDF icon Arrangement between SIOFA and CCAMLR_adopted.pdf284.57 KB
PDF icon CMM 2017_10 Monitoring (2017.10.09).pdf690.8 KB
PDF icon CMM 2017_09 Control (2017.10.09).pdf507.17 KB
PDF icon CMM 2017_08 Port Inspection (2017.10.09).pdf782.71 KB
PDF icon CMM 2017_07 Vessel Authorisation (2017.10.09).pdf650.64 KB
PDF icon CMM 2016_06 IUU Vessel Listing (2016.10.18) edited 2017.pdf652.45 KB
PDF icon CMM 2016_05 Pelagic Driftnets and Deepwater Gillnets (2016.10.18) edited 2017.pdf930.33 KB
PDF icon CMM 2016_04 Vessels without Nationality (2016.10.18) edited 2017.pdf612.09 KB
PDF icon CMM 2016_03 Data Confidentiality (2016.10.18) edited 2017.pdf762.59 KB
PDF icon CMM 2017_02 Data Standards (2017.10.09).pdf1.2 MB
PDF icon CMM 2017_01 Interim Management of Bottom Fishing (2017.10.09).pdf575.88 KB