Fourth Meeting of the Scientific Committee (SC4)

Meeting Date: 
Monday, March 25, 2019 to Friday, March 29, 2019
Meeting Type: 
Scientific Committee Meeting
Yokohama, Japan
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Meeting documents: 
PDF icon SC-04-01 Meeting Notice_updated 2019.02.04 (first submitted 17.01.19)510.82 KB
File SC-04-01 A. Meetings Registration Form.xlsx17.52 KB
File SC-04-01 B. Template for Papers to SC4.docx39.6 KB
File SC-04-01 B. Template for Papers to PAEWG1.docx39.04 KB
File SC-04-01 B. Template for Papers to SERAWG1.docx38.23 KB
PDF icon SC-04-01 C. Proposed List of Observers to be notified_updated 2019.03.04.pdf196.69 KB
PDF icon SC-04-02 Provisional Agenda.pdf203.78 KB
PDF icon SC-04-02 Provisional Agenda_Rev1.pdf214.84 KB
PDF icon SC-04-02 Provisional Agenda_Rev2.pdf206.21 KB
PDF icon SC-04-02 Provisional Agenda_Rev3.pdf220.07 KB
PDF icon SC-04-02 Provisional Agenda_Rev4.pdf206.5 KB
PDF icon SC-04-04 List of Meeting documents.pdf148.53 KB
PDF icon SC-04-05 Table of agenda items and related papers.pdf232.55 KB
PDF icon SC-04-06 SC Terms of Reference.pdf767.51 KB
PDF icon SC-04-07 List of Participants (2019-03-25).pdf103.68 KB
PDF icon SC-04-08 Impact assessment of bottom fishing_COMOROS (Submitted 11.02.19)8.32 MB
PDF icon SC-04-09 Templates for data submission (Submitted 22.02.19)786.89 KB
Package icon SC-04-09 Templates for data submission_EXCEL FILES (Submitted 22.02.19)169.56 KB
PDF icon SC-04-10_Rev1 National Report of Japan (Submitted 01.03.19)381.72 KB
PDF icon SC-04-11 SIOFA-FAO-FIRMS-Partnership (Submitted 20.02.19)231.52 KB
PDF icon SC-04-12-Annual-National-Report-Australia (Submitted 22.02.19)742.63 KB
PDF icon SC-04-13-WALTERS-SHOAL-research-management-plan (Submitted 22.02.19455.11 KB
PDF icon SC-04-14-SIOFA-species-list (Submitted 22.02.19)261.28 KB
File SC-04-14-SIOFA-species-list_ANNEX (Submitted 22.02.19)1.16 MB
PDF icon SC-04-15-ATLANTIS-research-management-plan (Submitted 22.02.19)394.5 KB
PDF icon SC-04-16-CORAL-research-management-plan (Submitted 22.02.19)597.9 KB
PDF icon SC-04-17-FOOLS-FLAT-research-management-plan (Submitted 22.02.19)587.46 KB
PDF icon SC-04-18-MOW-research-management-plan (Submitted 20.02.19)556.07 KB
PDF icon SC-04-19-ERA-deepwater-chondrichthyans (Submitted 22.02.19)1.03 MB
PDF icon SC-04-20-SIOFA-assessment-framework (Submitted 22.02.19)422.23 KB
PDF icon SC-04-21-TOP Stock on Kerguelen Plateau (Submitted 22.02.19)1.54 MB
PDF icon SC-04-22 Annual-National-Report-Thailand (Submitted 22.02.19)942.04 KB
PDF icon SC-04-23_Rev1 Annual-National-Report-EU.pdf501.57 KB
PDF icon SC-04-24 Annual-National-Report-French territory (Submitted 22.02.19)423.61 KB
PDF icon SC-04-25 Annual-National-Report-Seychelles (Submitted 23.02.19)179.23 KB
PDF icon SC-04-26 Proposed procedures for confidential data submission (Submitted 22.02.19)207.13 KB
PDF icon SC-04-28 Draft Overview of SIOFA Fisheries 2018 (Submitted 07.03.19)374.83 KB
PDF icon SC-04-28 Draft Overview of SIOFA Fisheries 2018 rev.1.pdf230.59 KB
PDF icon SC-04-29 Annual-National-Report-Cook_Islands (Submitted 16.03.19)602.61 KB
PDF icon SC-04-30 PAEWG-1-report-FINAL-without-annex-E-to-L.pdf941.01 KB
PDF icon SC-04-31 SERAWG-1- Report.pdf1.03 MB
PDF icon SC-04-33 Annual National Report Korea (submitted 24-03-19).pdf1.53 MB
PDF icon SC-04-INFO-01-Expert review of SIODFA proposed BPAs_Goldsworthy-2017 (Submitted 22.02.19)1.64 MB
PDF icon SC-04-INFO-02 SIOFA Databases and data inventories (Submitted 06.03.19)1.11 MB
PDF icon SC-04-INFO-03 EAF-Nansen Programme Information Document (Submitted 07.03.19)1.18 MB
PDF icon SC-04-INFO-04 ABNJ Deep Seas Project update (Submitted 08.03.19)937.72 KB
PDF icon SC-04-INFO-05 Laying the Foundations for Managment of a Seamount BNJ_EN (Submitted 10.03.19)2.5 MB
PDF icon SC-04-INFO-05 Gestion d’un mont sous-marin situé_FR (Submitted 10.03.19)2.63 MB
PDF icon SC-04-INFO-06 Whale depredation - Data collection guidelines (Submitted 10.03.19)3.1 MB
PDF icon SC-04-INFO-07 French fisheries observation program (Submitted 11.03.19)905.52 KB
PDF icon SC-04-INFO-08 Mngt approaches to data limited toothfish fisheries in CCAMLR (Submitted 11.03.19)492.25 KB
PDF icon SC-04-INFO-09 National Report China 2019 (Submitted 20.03.19)789.77 KB
PDF icon SC-04-INFO-12 Straw man on Scientific Research and New or Exploratory Fisheries_EU.pdf298.73 KB
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