HSBI contact points

In accordance with CMM 2019/14 High Seas Boarding and Inspections Procedures (paragraph 10), each CCP shall notify the Executive Secretary of two contact points for the purpose of receiving and sending notifications and reports pursuant to this measure. The Executive Secretary shall include this information on the SIOFA website so that it is available to CCPs. Each CCP shall notify the Secretariat promptly of any changes to their contact points.

HSBI contact points (updated 11 November 2019)

CCP Name Email Phone Fax
Australia Australian Fisheries Management Authority mcs@afma.gov.au +61 419 845 188
Australian Fisheries Management Authority dutyofficer@afma.gov.au +61 2 6275 5818
Cook Pamela Maru, Offshore Fisheries Division, Ministry of Marine Resources p.maru@mmr.gov.ck +682 28721 / +682 53044
Director, Offshore Fisheries Division, Ministry of Marine Resources data@mmr.gov.ck +682 28721 / +682 53044
Japan Yuki Morita yuki_morita470@maff.go.jp +81-3-3591-1086
Mako Iioka mako_iioka540@maff.go.jp +81-3-3591-1086
Yoichiro Kimura yoichiro_kimura680@maff.go.jp +81-3-3591-1086
Thailand Kanyarat Woraprayoth kookky0053@gmail.com +662 558 0187
Pornpanus Chidthid pornpanusc@fisheries.go.th +662 562 0560
Chinese Taipei I-lu Lai ilu@ms1.fa.gov.tw +886-2-23835873
Chung-chun Tai jungchun@ms1.fa.gov.tw +886-2-23835914