SIOFA Parties and participants

SIOFA has currently 12 Contracting Parties (CP), Cooperating non Contracting Parties (CNCP) and Participating Fishing Entities (PFE), these 3 status are usualy acronymised CCP. FAO is the legal depositary of the SIOFA signatories.
The table below lists the SIOFA CCPs, their status and the current head of delegation person.

Name Status head of delegation
Australia CP Sally Truong
China CP Haiwen Sun
Comoros CNCP Mahamoudou Abidina
Cook Islands CP Pamela Maru
European Union CP Fiona Harford
France (Overseas Territories) CP Matthieu Piron
Japan CP Ichiro Nomura
Korea CP Jung-re Riley Kim
Mauritius CP Devanand Norungee
Seychelles CP Roy Clarisse
Chinese Taipei PFE Tien Hsiang Tsai
Thailand CP Mesak Pakdeekong

Other entities and countries can participate to SIOFA.
See the information provided in the attached documents on this topic.

It is also possible to be an observer of the SIOFA.
Please see the information also provided in the below documents.