Sixth Meeting of the Parties (MoP6)

To facilitate travel to meetings, participants are strongly recommended to book in Flic en Flac, either at the meeting venue or within a short distance from the meeting venue.

Meeting Date: 
Monday, July 1, 2019 to Friday, July 5, 2019
Meeting Type: 
Meeting of the Parties
Pearle Beach Resort & Spa conference centre, Flic en Flac, Mauritius
AttachmentSizeDate uploaded
PDF icon MoP6-Prop01 Australia and EU proposal for High Seas Boarding and Inspection Procedures.pdf386.44 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop02 Thailand’s proposal for Amendment of CMM 2017_07 Vessel Authorisation .pdf294.33 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop03 Thailand's proposal for amendment to SIOFA Financial Regulations.pdf296.13 KB2019-05-28
PDF icon MoP6-Prop04 EU proposal for amending CMM2018 01 Bottom Fishing.pdf438.08 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop04_Rev1 EU proposal for amending CMM2018 01 Bottom Fishing.pdf634.7 KB2019-06-24
PDF icon MoP6-Prop05 EU proposal for amending CMM 2018 02 Data Standards.pdf337.76 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop06 EU proposal for establishment of VMS in SIOFA.pdf623.39 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop07 EU proposal to establish a Framework for Scientific Research.pdf245.22 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop08 SIOFA EU proposal for a Framework for New and Exploratory Fisheries.pdf151.74 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop09 SIOFA EU proposal on sharks.pdf161.92 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop10 EU proposal for the mitigation of seabird bycatch.pdf176.32 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop11 Secretariat proposal for amending CMM 2010_10 Monitoring.pdf136.17 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop13 AUS proposal for the management of Dissostichus eleginoides.pdf920.47 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop14 AUS proposal for General Rules for the Management of Bottom Fishing.pdf472.32 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop15 AUS Proposal for Management of Demersal Stocks .pdf918.3 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop16 AUS Proposal for the Prevention of Significant Adverse Impacts on VMEs.pdf1.03 MB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop17 JPN proposal for amending CMM 2018_01 Bottom Fishing.pdf962.59 KB2019-06-14
PDF icon MoP6-Prop18 Amendment terms of Reference for the PAEWG or new CMM.pdf834.24 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop19 AUS Proposal for a new suite of bottom fishing measures.pdf247.77 KB2019-06-23
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